What we do

Quite simply, we help our clients to market their businesses, products, special offers or events by using our skills and experience in online and offline advertising. We specialise in Web Design, Graphic Design and Commercial Printing.

Dealing mainly with Small to Medium sized businesses, we help our clients communicate their messages effectively to their target market, using original creative ideas and solutions that increase their sales, grow their business and give them a return on investment.

our Benefits

  • Business Acumen - We have over 20 years combined business development experience in B2B Sales and Consumer Marketing.

  • Technical Expertise - We have designed and worked on numerous projects and can pretty much do anything you want us to.

  • Working Style - We provide a friendly & cost effective service in a relaxed environment, where we work in partnership with our clients.


"Since the launch of Redman, Singlamarket has supported me with the continued development of our brand identity. With very little personal experience in this area, my business and I have relied heavily on this company, who continue to come up with new, modern and unique ideas.

A warm and welcoming team, coupled with their technical ability means I would not hesitate in recommending them."

Rob Bascombe, Redman Resourcing Solutions

our portfolio