Brand & Identity Design


Branding is necessary for any business to be successful. Improve your business' image and create a lasting connection with your customers.

Brands that get noticed are cleverly marketed. They are a mixture of a well-designed logo, good copy, a memorable campaign and an online experience that puts the user first.   That’s why good foundations are as important to brand building, as they are to your on-going marketing strategy.

It's a common mistake to assume your brand and your logo are the same thing. But while they are linked, they are very, very different.   Your business is constantly engaging with different groups of people like customers, suppliers, and employees and based on their experience of you, these groups form opinions about the company. These opinions form your organisation's Brand Identity.  

Brand Strategy


We create brands that engage with their target audience, get noticed and establish a lasting presence in the market.   To do this, we create a Brand Strategy providing clarity and consistency in terms of messaging, tone of voice and image. We will also focus on your target market, identifying the media channels most suited to putting the brand in front of customers and winning their trust. 

Whatever your objective may be, whether you have rebranded or whether you have a new product launch, our job is to research your objectives and formulate a plan with a clear understanding of how to achieve success.  

As a business marketing agency, we will determine how your objectives and ambitions can be fulfilled, keeping your brand on track with your target market.  We want to ensure your customers understand the unique messages within your brand and ultimately give them a reason to use your service instead of a competitor.

If you are a start-up company looking to create a strong brand for your business or even if you are an existing business that wants to update their brand, we can deliver the results that will help you fulfill your vision.  We have the technical insight and expertise to produce you a brand you can be proud of.

With one point of contact, and unlimited access to our creative experience, we will make sure you feel comfortable making the decisions to bring your company up to the next level.

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