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Chilli’s Logo Design

The client of Chilli’s Restaurant in Cookham came to us looking for a new logo design and menu. This is because he is the new owner and wants to add a fresh rebrand of the already successful takeaway.

The criteria was that he wanted the four chilli colours integrated into the design of the logo. The client has a clear idea as to what he wanted, so we worked together to use his concept and translate it into a clean and distinct brand. The idea initially was to have the main logo be on white, but after the design was done, we placed it on other coloured backgrounds to make sure it worked all over. We found that the design and the feeling of what the client wanted worked better when on black. The four colours of the chillies are the main focus of the design, so those colours also flow over into the text as well.

Overall ourselves and the client are happy with how it came out, as it is simple, yet gives a feeling of colour in combination with being clean. The logo is versatile and works on multiple mediums for advertising.