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Fear The Invisible Man Website Design

Fear the Invisible Man Website

Fear the Invisible Man is a film in development by one of our regular clients known as LDM TV STUDIOS. We have produced a plethora of work for LDM, and this isn’t our first movie or TV website design we have made for them.

When it comes to raising money for a movie, it’s very important to encapsulate the style and feeling of the film visually and pleasingly. The films-setting and overall synopsis are that of the early 1900’s London. Darkness, thrill and tension are all parts of what makes this film what it is. When you think of this, you imagine handwritten script font, dark colour palette, gore and all the nitty grittiness of the industrial age. That theme and colour tone doesn’t, unfortunately, allow for ease of informing the viewer what the film is about, and who is in it and making it. That’s why we have designed the website to be a modern theme looking in through a window to the dark theme. It’s a collaboration of dark and light, to represent modern technology making an old, dark and grizzly tale.

Music is a very expressive and powerful emotive source of media to help represent an idea. That’s why a fitting composition has been used to take the journey with you throughout the site – tickling interest and raising excitement.

Overall LDM and the director are happy with the way the website design was completed and so are we! If you’d like to see the complete website, please click this link.