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Flymageddon Brochure

Borchure design and printing

Flymageddon is a first person multiplayer shooter being funded by LDM TV STUDIOS. They wanted this highly comedic game to be represented accurately in an investment brochure, whilst still giving all the factual information and figures. With this in mind, we designed the layout to be clean, yet use the concept art of the game to be the visual punch in amongst a large amount of written content. The challenge with such a large amount of information is to keep it engaging, and breaking it up with visuals and presenting text in different ways to keep it readable and not just a wall of text.

The concept art was the source, and we made sure to tailor the information and layout around them, really showcasing the heart of the product – the game.

Image result for flymageddon Video game devious trap concept by character designer Oliver Kemp