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Local Ads Direct

Advert and Brochure Design specialists

Local Ads Direct are a business directory who advertise around 20 businesses per booklet, and the brochure adverts in these booklets are targetted at different towns and villages all over the country.

We at Singlamarket design the majority of these adverts when the client hasn’t already got something they want to use. This means that we design adverts for a very wide range of businesses that also vary in size. It’s important for us to design multiple adverts that all vary in design and feeling, to fit each design specification and not look similar to anything else in the booklet.

Asides from the brochure adverts in their booklets, we also designed their branding. The design of the booklet needed to be something that is clear, noticeable and yet not the focus of the whole thing. It needed to aid and present the adverts within.