Website Maintenance


Low-cost Website Support in High Wycombe

Amongst our group of clients and friends, we are the go-to website support company in High Wycombe whenever there is a website content update required, or any issue relating to emails or website performance that needs fixing.

We understand that not everybody sits in front of the computer all day (like us) or has the time or maybe even the skills to be trying to work out how to make edits/fixes to their websites themselves, nor can they afford to employ an IT person to manage the website either.  We can help!

We are proud to offer low-cost monthly maintenance plans where you can have a dedicated Website Manager at hand to receive your instructions (preferably via email) and then make the changes within an agreed timeframe e.g. change an image, change text etc. 

And because we know and understand websites, we can probably complete any task you set us - although we will let you know if what you requested is out of the scope of the maintenance plan.

All our plans include performing general maintenance of the website which includes plugin updates, regular backups, and other security maintenance. We will make sure your website is always "healthy"and working at its best.

Contact us today to see how we can help you.